46.5 Mpg

Time for some good news, I have a 30 mile a day commute to work and back. With the "ECO" cruise control set between 55-60mph I am averaging 46.5 mpg.
Carlos C 02/08/2014
My 2013 Fusion Hybrid best average is 39 mpg. Don’t thrust your gauge mpg average, do it manually by recording your mileage after filling up your tank twice and dividing your difference to the second refueling gallons. The average from the dash gauge is generous. Can you guys tell me how is your electric motors take off from a stand still? Can you keep up with normal traffic in full electric? I can’t!
Randy W 08/28/2013
I have a 2013 Hybrid and an 81-mile commute.  I am averaging 48 mpg!  This has cut my fuel bill by over 40%!!
roger w 08/10/2013
i have a 2012 and a 2013 fusion, they are both outstanding cars. i love both generations of the fusion.
jack t 07/02/2013
thats an aston grill but still a great car
Timothy A 07/01/2013
Good fuel mileage for your 2013 Fusion. Work on your regen braking and you should be able to get that above 50mpg with no problem.
J. Harley M 06/27/2013
I'm not sure what car this is, but I like that mileage!