230k Still Going Strong With Orignal Belts

By D F.

Got a 06 fusion that is still going strong with the org. serptine belt. It shows no signs of wear either. I have put $500 in repiars in this car since I purcahsed it from a dealership with 40 miles on it. Had the odometer short out and fixed the issue, had to replace a key and tempstate. I did come out cheaper with a used odometer and my great local ford dealer helped install and showed me what laws to follow to show it wasnt the orginal mileage. This has been a great car and had alot of oil changes (every 8k miles) and on my 4th set of tires. Its starting to show alittle sign of ring wear due to some residue in the spark plug well (which has only needed to be changed once). Going to try to get 500k out of it. The only thing I wish Ford would have done different is put folding mirrors on this model.
Rak 01/29/2014
That is fantastic. Please keep updating about the vehicle condition here as you reach the half mil mark. I have an 09 fusion sel I-4 with 120k on it. I hope to keep it for long just to prove a point that ford makes better cars than Honda and Toyota. Go ford. Go D.F.