Your Car Saved My Life In A Head On Collision With A Concrete Retaining Wall

By John D.

To whom it may concern, on April 15th, 2011 I was driving my 2005 Ford Focus on the Dan Ryan expressway here in Chicago, Il and the right front tire blew out causing the car to turn 90 degrees to the right sending me across 4 lanes of traffic right into the dividing wall between the expres lanes and the regular lanes, the car hit the wall and flipped up into the air about 20 feet and turned over and hit the ground and slid about 200 feet before stopping. I amy not have a car anymore but I am alive due to the passenger restraints and the air bags. I am writing to compliment you on the way the car was built as my injuries were only a broken shoulder blade and badly bruised ribs. I have been driving Fords for a long time and will continue to in the future when I can afford to buy another. Thank you for saving my life and I look forward to you keeping me alive in the future. Thank you very much, John Demopoulos