You Won't Believe How Many Miles I Have Driven My 2000 Focus!

By Matt R.

The calender was just about to flip from 1999 to 2000 and the Y2K bug was on the mind of nearly everyone. Not me. It was time for a new car and I was thrilled to buy a new Focus. The car was popular in Europe for years, but was now just being introduced to the USA. Some nay-sayers told me it was a mistake to buy a car new to the market, rather it's better to wait a few model years to insure the reliability of the car.
Wow, were they wrong! My Ford Focus has been a great car and has never left me stranded. I've owned my little green gem for over a decade and you won't believe how many miles it has driven me around Ohio.
206,000 miles! -- and it's still going strong!
Thank you Ford for the great car!