Will Kevin Fit?

About a month after I purchased my brand new 2009 Focus ses a few buddies and I took a trip to Cedar Point. We all love the car and had a great ride down there. While walking around my we spotted a huge gorilla prize and to win all we had to do was toss a ball into a vase; easy, right? Of course, so my one buddy just had to try it and wanted to win that humongous gorilla for his girlfriend (my sister). So he buys $20 worth of these rubber balls, which were a dollar apiece and on the first shot the ball goes in the vase!! we couldn't believe it. At first we thought it would fit no problem in the Focus, but carrying that gorilla (which we named Kevin) out of the park was a task itself. After a ton of laughs and about an hour of struggle we managed to cram Kevin into the trunk and pull him through the 60:40 back seat. We had a few different ideas until this one finally worked. The picture above is Kevin riding shotgun he is so big we couldn't even close the door. Kevin made it home alive with only a few injuries and in the end we had a great trip and a great Ford experience.
Alex 12/07/2010
Planning on getting the 2012 Focus Titanium. I wonder if Kevin will fit better in that. I still laugh every time I see this picture.
Joe 04/29/2010
It's a great story! Thanks for sharing it!
richard 04/15/2010
why is it that car company makes a four wheel drive van
Alex K 04/13/2010
Thanks everybody and Thank You Ford for posting this on Facebook!!! I was so surprised when I saw that. This was one of the best trips I have ever been on and I have been to almost every state. The trip was just so much fun I couldn't resist to post this, and I am glad everyone enjoys it.
Alex K
Emiliano 04/13/2010
Great story! this is the kind of story that makes you love your car even more and of course your friends!
Joseph Pridokas 04/13/2010
The article on will Kevin fit is someything Ford should take very seriously----Millions of senior citizens and millions of others as well have various degrees of difficulty getting into and out of automobiles----With todays technology and design wizardy it would not be hard to make enterances and exits a lot easier--Instead of isolating all these people you just might bring a lot of them over to your side--Think about it Ford--
Mike 04/12/2010
shoulda bought a hatchback lol. but i really wish for would bring the focus RS to america it's so awesome
Alisha 04/08/2010
This is a great story. Glad Kevin and the rest of your party made it home. LOL