Why Not A Ford

When I graduated college back in 77, I had no credit. I worked for a company that loaned me money to buy my first car, a Mercury Comet. I think it was a 77 too. I had no credit, nor money, no dealer would even help. My older brother sold cars in another state and he said come up here and I will help you. Well, I got a metallic gray Ford Ranger. I loved that truck. Then traded for a Red Ranger, kept for 11 years. Then a few Tauruss. Then a friend knew I was needing a new vehicle and that I loved green. She found me a KiWi green Focus. I didn't like at first, but I do now. She has since passed away and I just can't imagine getting rid of it, not for now anyway. She wanted the new Ford Taurus, but deceased before being able to get one. Ford has always been by vehicle of choice.