Very High Milage Ford Focus

I purchased this 2000 Ford Focus with 289,000 miles on it this past summer from my plant manager who has owned it since new and it currantly has 297,014 miles on it. It still runs very strong on the original motor and clutch. Just thought Ford would be interested in hearing about the reliability of one of there cars.
george yerg 02/03/2010
how about a '95 T-Bird, 3.8. Bought used Dec.2003 with 75,000 on a broken odometer. Put in new speedometer currently have 212,000 on that speedo, 24-26 mpg running 70 mph up and down the freeway back and forth to work. Original motor and transmission.
G.wm.Milhoan,Jr. 01/03/2010
my 1993 Escort LS Wagon has over 183,000 miles and still bgets 25MPG around town.Runs great on regular oil changes.Suspension is shot.but interior is still original gray.Drivers side seat is worn where my big behind first makes contact when entering,but that's all .fuel pump design is badly engineered and placed inside fuel tank,I'm on my third,but I think this one is a keeper.This is my second Escort over 100.000 miles.1981 interference engine a real bummer.Had you just published some info on sequence of serpentine failure it would have saved me a lot of grief and heartburn.I was aware immediately when the engine temp was beginning to rise,I just didn't know what it meant.Have you tried running a four cylinder engine on three cylinders?No fun therePeople must be some kind of stupid not to appreciate a car as good as the Escort. ?I made two 5,ooo mile trips to CA and back from Akron,Ohio area and back after it passed the 07,ooo mile mark.Sometimes getting 45 MPG or more on I80.As always Ford radios and HTR/AC combos are great.I need a new Escort.Have owned nine Fords ,beginning with Custom 2DRw/ overdrive Mostly good experiences,not counting untreated Japanese steel in '73 and aformentioned '81problems on my EXP.But that was my first 5Spd,so forgiving was easy~Be Blessed!GWM~