Through Hell And Back

In 2002 my parents were wonderful and bought me a brand new Ford Focus. I was the envy of all my friends! While I owned that Focus I took extreme care of it and treated it like my baby. In 2005 I moved out of my parents house and had to give my Focus to my brother. I cried for weeks! In the 5 years my brother owned "my" car he put it through hell! I was heartbroken he treated "my" car so horrible! He got in a handful of accidents with it, resulting in a lot of damage, and for the last year it sat in his driveway totally untouched. My fiance, who LOVES Fords, asked me about the car and I told him how it was my first car and how great of a car it WAS. I know he could see how hurt I was that the Focus was in shambles. My fiance talked to my brother and offered to buy the Focus for $200. My brother said he'll sell it for a new XBOX 360 ($300) and my fiance said SOLD! My wonderful fiance "drove" the car home and I instantly starting bawling. I was so shocked and excited he bought my car!! For a week, after work, my fiance bought new parts for the Focus and worked on it. He replaced a broken stablizer bar, rotors, brakes, spark plugs, motors for the rear windows, side view mirror, windshield, etc. My fiance even fixed some of the body damage it had. I scrubbed the inside of the Focus and filled our outside garbage can full of my brother's junk he left in the car. Once everyting was fixed up we put our daughter's carseat in the back and my fiance handed me the keys. We drove around town for 2 hrs with me crying off and on. It looks almost as good as it did when I drove off the lot for the first time! I feel like we gave my Focus a second chance and there's no way i'm letting it go again! This is proof that a Ford can take a beating and keep going! I plan to drive my Ford for many years to come!