The Wagon

When I was very young 5 years old, my dad bought a brand new Ford wagon and we traveled out west for a six week summer vacation. I have many memories of the Grand Canyon, Custer's last stand, the bull fights in Mexico and Russian Hill in San Francisco etc. I believe that six week trip is why I still love station wagons today. I have owned several station wagons since I have been driving. They are functional, look better than their sedan counter parts and are just cool. Ford please bring the 2012 Ford Focus Wagon to the USA. You could offer a SVT version or an RS version. I like cars with some power. I know some Americans don't like wagons for what ever reason, but I think that is changing. If you brought the Focus Wagon to the USA it could compete with the Outback, WRX, EVO and maybe the upcoming Prius Wagon.. I hope you can come up with a good business case to do this? FORD could you start offering station wagons again big ones, medium ones, its all good W.
Iheartwagons 02/18/2011
Wagons are definitely the way to go! And I'm a big fan of the smaller wagons (impreza/mazda 3 size). The one thing there is not a lot of choice on in this wagon size category is having awd, which is something I look for given where I live. I hope Ford will consider adding an AWD option to the new Focus would make for a hard to beat wagon option!
Jeff 06/03/2010
I couldn't agree more! People think I'm nuts because I think station wagons are the coolest vehicles made. I lived in Sweden for a while and everyone drove wagons. Sedans really don't have any functionality to me. Wagons all the way!
TROY WINTON 05/21/2010
I have a 2000 mercury sable ls, and so many people still love my car! they tell me that the 3.0 24vale v6 that its great on gas mileage and even with my car being 10 years old that mercury sure do make great cars sporty and luxury all together with a decent value price unlike lexus and cadillacs, am so proud and it has 113,000 miles and still runs like a new! so you know that now its 2010 fords are in charge now nowadays! sorry?GM&CHRYLSERS ''ITS OUR TURN NOW''
Winston Chin 04/01/2010
A Compact Wagon with a TDi out of Dagenham for this commuter.