The One Good Thing About Totaling A Car.

On July21,2012 I was driving to go see a house for rent with some friends. I did not know the area that well so the streets were kind of new to me. At the time I drove a 2009 Kia Rio LX black. It was my very first car and I had since October 2010, so only about a year and a half. I was at an intersection and the lights changed, it all happened so fast that I do not remember exactly what happened but in the end my Rio had been totaled due to frame damage. No one got hurt and the other vehicle had little damage.

My grandparents were the owners of the Rio and I had just been paying them back. Since I am only 21 in order to get a new car and a good interest rate I had to have them consign for me this time around. They said to me " Ford, Subaru, or Toyota" . Well luckily I had a friend whose cousin owned a Ford dealership just minutes from where I live. As soon as I was told my Rio was totaled I went to look for a new car. I first drove home with a brand new 2012 Ford Fiesta but later found out that there was one with more features for just a bit more but it wasn't blue. When I saw the Ford Blue I fell in love with it so knowing that there was not a fiesta with the features and color I wanted anywhere in my state I was pretty upset. The dealership worked really hard to find me something I would like. They worked me through email while I was at work and sent me links to other cars they had. Finally, they sent me the Candy Blue 2012 Ford Focus SE Sport. I went in , test drove the car, and fell in love. The next day my brother in law went in with me and helped me with the price but at first my grandparents wouldn't sign for it because they felt it was to high. After a few more hours of discussing pricing and financing options we finally got an awesome price that my grandparents were happy to cosign for.

At the age of only 21 I left the dealership at about 9pm with my very first brand new car and named him Blue Thunda after my brother in laws old blue ford Blue Thunder. I plan to add tint, black rims, and ambient lighting, but honestly I freaking love just about everything about this car. Thank you Ford for making an awesome car and helping me get it!