The Little Car That Could

I have just returned from a 3000 plus km roadtrip with my little bomber.  It chugged along and as always, no trouble and 3 tanks of gas each way.   In fact, I feel it has become better on gas with age.   Strange.

This is my third focus.   I think I bought the first one that came out falling for the ad campaign and then the car.   Now on my third and only one I have kept longer than two years, a ten year old car with 220,000kms.  

Sadly the little car that always could is tired.   Today received a significant tally for needed urgent work and have decided to retire her.  

I have so enjoyed this car.   Taught my son to drive, lots of roadtrips, commuted 2 hours a day for years and countless adventures.  
Just last week I was moving a double bed on top of the car.

Ford makes car like cars used to be made.  To last.
Thank you Ford.