The Curb

Dear Ford,
My name is Joshua Walsh, I am 20 and have to say that your 2009 Ford Focus, is about one of the best cars I can honestly say I've ever had the privilage to be in and actually saved my life! Let me tell you a story about this turn, infamously known where I'm at, as "the curb". Not an exciting name? I know, but trust me, there is a very good reason people who live near that road talk about it like it's cursed. One day, I'm driving down sandycreeek with a couple of my friends in the car, three to be exact. Now, this had been my first encounter with "the curb" so I had no idea what to expect, or even what it looked like! As we're driving, the road starts to get a little rockier and dirtier, but I had dealt with similar roads like this on a constant basis. I'm usually the only one who drives anyway. As we are driving, we get to "the curb" I see now why it's called that. It is a simple looking curb, with a dangrous surprise. It's about one of the steepest, rockiest turns I've ever seen, and to top it all off there's not even a sign to warn you. We go to turn and to my surprise keep going straight! I freaked out, pushing on the brakes and turning the wheel as far towards the road as I can, but it's too late. We start getting guided along on the side of the road by this long ditch, leading down a hill, and next thing I know, slam! We hit right into a pile of small trees. But, to my surprise, all my airbags go off, and to an even more extent! None of my friends or myself were injured at all! Maybe the slight whiplash that being in a wreck creates, but aside from that, nothing! Ford, I have loved this car ever since I set foot in it. My ford focus was seriously one of the best cars in the world, I loved driving in it, riding in it, and honestly wouldn't be alive if it wasn't for that car. Thank you Ford I will definitely be wanting another Focus sometime in the close furture!