Thank You Ford Safety Team

While returning from a work meeting on Oregon's i84 I had a date with destiny.  At 7:30 PM on February 12th, I was cruising at about 60 mph when out of the corner of my right field of vision I saw a burst of debris cloud coming from the steep cliffs along the Columbia River Gorge.  In the next second or so I was holding on for dear life and breaking. Needless to say I was also calling out to God Almighty during the incredible second or so.  I rode directing to a massive rock slide stopping against a massive boulder twice the size of my focus.  I cannot describe the feeling except to say I didn't think it would end we me being able to tell this story.  

I was truly shocked to find my self still alive and able to get out of my vehicle an in a safe position as it was wedged between the boulders and the jersey barrier.  Timing is everything and I know I'm alive because I caught the edge of a oncoming avalanche rather being underneath the huge bolder that stopped me.

My real point is how amazing the safety systems worked.  Please pass on to the design and build teams my deepest appreciation for the incredible work they do to build a car where everything worked flawless when, in my case, it had to or I wouldn't be here.