Terrible Crash

In the middle of 2006 my wife and I decided to buy two new cars. We went to Beau Townsend Ford in Vandalia, Ohio because we had had family go there and receive wonderful service. It happened for us as well our salesman's name was J.R. and he walked us through a number of options but we decided on a 2006 Fusion for my wife and a 2006 Focus for me. We couldn't have been happier we loved both cars.

Fast forward to November of 2007 and I was driving in the to get some dinner for my wife and I when all of a sudden I nailed a pick up truck that had stopped in the middle of the road to assist another driver. I didn't see either vehicle before I slammed into the truck doing upwards of 50mph. Needless to say it was a very violent shock to me but after the crash was over and my car finally stopped doing its 90 degree pivot, I did a self evaluation and found that the only injury I sustained was a couple scrapes on my left hand where I had hit the windshield.

Thanks to all the safety features of my Focus and thanks to them responding correctly I walked away from a potentially fatal crash with only very minor injuries. I can't tell you how thankful I was and still am that I was driving that car, and because of that performance and quality I intend to buy Ford vehicles from now on.

We still own the Fusion (I am now driving it) and recently we bought a 2010 Edge. My wife and I love your products. I loved my Focus and I really love the newest Focus models but I personally can't wait for future day that I can drive to Vandalia again but this time to pick up my new Mustang. It will be a while but I have faith.

Thank you again everyone at Ford that anything to do with the 2006 Focus I firmly believe it saved my life.

James Carter