Surviving Teenage Girls

 I'm just writing to let y'all know about a car we purchased in 2010 for our then 18 year old daughter. We bought a 2003 Ford Focus from a used car dealership in Abilene, Texas. We paid $4500 for the vehicle at that time. I just wanted to let you know what a fantastic little car it has been. Right now it's being driven by our 2nd teenage daughter. Idk if any of you know how hard teenage girls are on things. This poor car has been put through many things. A drive from Texas to Virginia. Many small things have easily been repaired and it's still running good. We actually have a 3rd daughter, a junior in high school, looking for a car and if we had the money to buy one it would definitely be another Ford Focus!! I know a lot of times people contact y'all with bad things to say. I just wanted to share what a dependable, fantastic car this little car has been. She will soon drive it into the ground and we will probably have to get 2 new ones instead of one. Trying to put the daughter through college that is driving it now, hopefully soon we will have the finances to get them both a new or at least new to them, car. So thank you for your continued service. Keep doing what you're doing!! With my utmost appreciation, Michele (Shelly) Collins Mother of 3 girls, grandmother of one