Survived An Auto Accident

Approximately 1:00 am Friday morning on 6/11/11 I was hit by a drunk driver. I was driving down hwy 285 south in a rented 2008 ford focus, when suddenly I was hit on the drivers side, then I was hit again in the rear drivers side and knocked into the median wall head on. Thanks to God and your 2008 ford focus I am able to type you this letter. I have no broken bones, no internal bleeding only a sore shoulder and a swollen leg. I am alive because God isn't finished with me yet and your ford focus should be the #1 safest vehicle in the world. I love you guys for putting together such a great vehicle. i'M ALIVE AND i'M STILL HERE.

Thank you and keep doing what you do.
Walter Thomas 07/05/2011
God is Great and one of a kind. Yes he is not finish with you. And thanks to the development of safe vehicles from Ford.