Survived A Head On 90mph Crash Thanks To Guardian Angels & Ford Motor Company

Purchased my 2013 Focus in June 2013, made 4 payments. Am a synchronized skater and graduate student @ Western Michigan University set to get my Masters in Occupational Therapy 12-14-13. Was headed to practice on 11-7-13 @ 5:20am and my normal routine took a turn for the worst. I was going 45mph and hit head on by a drunk driver going the wrong way ~45mph as well. The vehicle on my right swerved in front of me to avoid a 3 car pile-up. I only had enough time to think that I was going to die, close my eyes, grab the wheel and hold on. Upon opening my eyes, my vehicle was smoking and all dash lights were on; both driver airbags had depoyed. About 1min after opening my eyes, 911 assist connected with my phone that had flown upon impact & called! A witness who was driving next to me helped pry my driver's side door open and get me safely out of the vehicle to wait for the ambulance. I consider myself blessed to be alive & have gotten out of the vehicle. I was checked out at a local E.R. & miracously returned home the same day with no broken bones & not a single scratch anywhere. Aside from the obvious bruising, I am recovering with a neck (herniated disc) & shoulder injury and in physical therapy 3x/week. I have to give credit to God as he has obvious plans to keep me alive but also to Ford Motor Company for the safety of this vehicle. It clearly did it's job in keeping me very safe considering the impact photos. I cannot thank you enough for your work on safety & crash testing, as well as the 911-assist feature. My next message is to anyone reading this - I turned out okay and went home that day but there are many drunk driving victims out there who do not. Do not risk other innocent lives by making the choice to get behind the wheel drunk! You have the potential to injure & possibly kill others not to mention the thousands of dollars you will pay for your mistake. Take a cab, call a friend, walk, it's cheaper than a Dui and keeps innocent drivers safe as well! Thanks to you Ford; I will be walking across the stage at graduation in 3 days with my Masters Degree! Words cannot describe how grateful I am to be alive & as 'well' as I am today. (And yes I chose a 2014 Ford Focus as my new replacement, needed a change of color but wouldn't dream of choosing anything else!)