Scary Mountain Roads!

I would like to tell you about a recent experience I had in my 2009 Ford Focus. I live in Grand Junction, Colorado, and was driving on I-70 over the Rocky Mountains to pick up my guy at the airport in Denver this past April. When I got to Vail Pass, which is the summit and highest part of the trip, it was snowing and the road was very icy. There were about a dozen cars in a group around me, all going slowly and spinning as we headed up a steep grade. At the top of the hill, two semi trucks were stopped in the middle of the interstate. They were apparently unable to make it over and had to chain up right in the middle of the road. There were two cars, to the right and left of me, and neither had much control. At this point all I wanted to do was make it between the narrow gap left by the semis, so I just tried to keep going. The amazing part is that my Focus, with its front wheel drive, did keep going! I was able to get between the concrete median and the left side semi and continue on to Denver. Out of the dozen cars in that group, only two of us made it through. Everyone else stopped or slid off to the side. The other car that made it through was an Audi. I thought it was pretty cool that my $14k Focus was totally even in this respect with a car that probably cost three or four times as much! I was able to navigate several more steep and icy downgrades before finally getting to Denver. I really liked my Focus before this experience, but now I absolutely LOVE it! It kept me safe and moving on the worst roads I have ever been on, and I'm from Michigan originally! My uncle and great-uncle both worked for Ford for years, and I've always been a fan, but now I tell everyone this story and about what a quality product you make. Thank you for your part in keeping me safe. Keep doing what you're doing! Also, I'd like to mention that Western Slope Ford here in Grand Junction, especially salesman Scott Stockemer and the service department, is absolutely outstanding as well. I have bought three Fords in a row at this dealership and have had great experiences always. They are courteous, friendly, and professional. I wouldn't go anywhere else, and recommend them to anyone who mentions shopping for a car or getting service done.