Saved My Life

By Amy H.

I had just purchased my new car a few months ago. Best car I have owned. ALWAYS been a FORD owner.
Yesterday while at lunch with a co-worker, I was T Boned by a Dodge SUV. He was speeding and completely totaled the car.
The Focus maintained its strength, all air bags deployed as required. The Vehicle called 911 for me and ran a diagnostic check on itself. I will NEVER own anything BUT a FORD. The side airbag protected me from the glass. Walked away sore, but unharmed.
My first was a Ford Fairlane, second was an F150, then an Escape, a Fiesta, and Explorer and this little beauty.
I even refused to take a rental that was not a FORD yesterday.
It saved my life and I am and will always be a loyal owner. My passenger who drives Dodge, said he is definetely buying a Ford after what happened.
Sterling F 07/09/2013
Fords for life! Glad you're ok.