Saved Family

It actually begins with our 1998 Ford Escort sedan, in March 2010 my wife was on her way home from grocery shopping, traveling on a busy street with multiple bus stops along the way, she and our 4 yr old in the car seat in the back. she as she described "blacked out for a second" she crashes into a bus stop and by gods grace no one is injured at the bus stop, she hits the concrete bench. the car is totalled airbags are deployed and my wife suffers minor facial injuries my 4 year haschest bruises from the car seat straps.

So with her car totalled we go to purchase a 2010 Focus, a beautiful car in June 2010, she has the car for 2 months and has another black out, and totals the new Focus this time with our 4 yr old and our 13 yr old in the car, thanks to the new safety canopy no one is injured only minor bruises. She hit a telephone pole. My thanks to the safety engineers and all involved. my wife was diagnosed with a beneign brain tumor and swelling, unfortunately she got into these accidents which is how we found out about the tumor, prior she had no accidents in 20+ years, she is doing great after surgury. Sorry I have no pix but this is to say thanks for the safety innovations. I drive a 2002 explorer and my brother has a 2010 Focus also purchased in June 2010