Playing With The Big Boys

So my buddy owns a 2010 Dodge Challanger R/T with a v8 and bunch of preformance parts, I own a 2010 Ford Focus with a little I4 and a K&N air intake haha, well we decided to go out to the movies with our girlfriends and sport around our cars. You may think that im with the wrong crowd when it came to cars but not tonight. On our way to the movies we ran into a Chevy Camaro, shortly after making contact my friend went in a all out race with the Chevy. Shortly after the two muscle cars left me in the dust a Chevy Cobalt pulled up next to me, so i decided to have a little race of my own. When I finaly got the theaters i was proud to tell my friend that I schooled the LT Cobalt, and to my pleasure he told me that he wrecked the Camaro. All in all I was proud we had both defeated a Chevy in our respective classes. Go Ford!