Our Focus Saved My Mom Serious Injury In An Accident

I recently lent my 2009 Focus to my mom to run errands. She was in an auto accident where she was hit on the passenger side at a high rate of speed. My mom had her neck operated on last year and now has pins, screws, spacers and brackets in her C1 and C2 Vertebrae. Because of the exceptional safety features on our Focus, we have been told by the EMTs and emergency medical staff that my mom and her neck were saved by the airbags and car. She is up and walking with some seatbelt injuries, but her neck is fine and her surgery undamaged. I just wanted to share my story because it reaffirmed my beliefs that Ford makes quality products. We loved our Focus and are sad it is now totalled, but I am so thankful that she was driving that car...it is the only car in our family with side airbags. I have attached one of the pictures from our wreck.
Jason Tugade 12/15/2010
I am glad your mom is safe. I hope you continue using ford products cause they are all first class. The new 2012 ford focus will be the best focus yet with improved safety features. And more boron steel. Im glad you mom is doing good. Thanks to ford!!!