One Tough Little Car

By Ian C.

In March of 2007, I bought my first new car - a 2007 Ford Focus ZX3 in Pitch Black. I ended up getting a field service job where the car hit 45k by December of 2008. In this time, the car more than earned it's keep by providing me with reliable inexpensive transportation. The versatility of the hatchback body style provided me with a great deal of cargo space for service parts, tools, and everything else I could need. Traversing the roads of Pennsylvania - it never let me down.

Two days before Christmas 2008, I was heading home from a service call in downtown Pittsburgh by way of the Parkway East. I was in the left hand lane and a long wheelbase high roof Dodge Sprinter changed lanes without looking and right into the right front corner of my car and I was suddenly faced with the split second decision to try and prevent myself from being slammed into the concrete divider at 65 mph. I tried to slow down, steer out of it. The van accelerated, I lost control of my car and ended up doing a 90 degree right hand turn at 65 mph. I ended up slamming into the hill side, going up the hill and into trees. The other driver fled the scene (I found him several weeks later...), and I was left alone in the wreckage of my car on a hillside next to the highway.

From the accident, the only injuries I sustained were from a piece of computer equipment on the back seat that was flung forward into my back. As for my little focus - there was no frame damage. The body panels and the paint took one heck of a beating, but were able to be replaced.

Four years later, I am still going strong, and my focus even stronger at 100k miles. There have been a few repairs here and there, but nothing too major. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend a Ford product to friends, and will definitely replace this focus with another when the time comes.