My Son Was Safe!!!!

One evenig just a few weeks ago, I enjoyed an evening out with my 20 year old son who has been driving a 2008 Ford Focus that we gave to him a couple of years ago. I remember thinking to myself " This car seems so small, if my son was in a wreck, it would not be good, he would probably perish". Well, the very next day, he was in a terrible colllision! I arrived at the scene about 10 minutes after the accident and was horrrified to see the demolished front end and all of the emergency vehicles at the scene! But,then I saw my son standing there, safe and sound by the policemen. I ran up and hugged him tight. That Focus driver's area had kept him safe and sound. He said he didn't even feel any pressure against his long legs-he's 6 foot 2 in. tall! All he had was minor burns on his wrist from the airbags. I would definitely buy another Ford Focus for my children and myself in the future. Thank you Ford for keeping my son safe!