My Preicous Baby

On April 8,2012 on Easter morning I was coming home from work, working the night shift. I was on Northbound of interstate 71 one mile from the exit that I take to get off to go home when all of sudden before I had a chance to react 2 does coming from the middle of the media plowed into my driver side of my car. I slammed my brakes and realize what just happen. I slowly drove my car to the side of the interstate and I was hearing a rubbing sound thinking the deer is underneath my new car. (I only had my new car for only a month). I immediately told my car to dial 911. I told the dispatcher that I was in a accident, two deer hit my car. She ask if the airbags deployed and I said no and if I needed an ambulance I said no, just shooked up. I called my husband and was crying and was upset not knowing the damages and couldn't get out of the driver side door cause it was hit. Long story short, The damages was driverside headlamp broke, fender, wheelwell, driverside front tire shredded, busted windshield, bent piller, side mirror, driver side door and rear door, rear fender and talilight. Total cost of damages was $9,000.00 none of the airbags deployed and the deer hit the sensor to the driver side curtain airbags, No struture damage or frame. It was all cosmetic damages. I was heart broken that a new car with 2,000 miles was hit by 2 does can cause that much damage going 70 miles per hour. The state trooper was awesome and talk to me to calm me down after I got out of the car and saw the damages. The collision center done a awesome job! Doesn't even look like it was in a accident.