My Mom My Salesman

3 months ago my mom who will be 77 this month was involved in an accident and totaled her car. she did not drive for about 2 months but felt she needed a car to retain her independance. When she asked me to help her get a new car I knew There was only one person I would trust to take care of my mom and that was "My salesman" at friendly ford here in Las Vegas Larry Davis. I can't begin to tell you the patience that larry had, He made sure mom was completly comfortable with her car she tried several and settled on the 2010 focus SES. She said it was easy to drive and liked the sporty looks! Since she had not driven for 2 months since her accident Larry took her down to a local park and let her drive the car there out of the traffic to help her rebuild her confidence....It worked! Larry is a real Genuine GOOD GUY and you know there are not many of those! He even took care of getting the car registerd and getting her dis abled plackard replaced! he has called her twice to make sure she is happy and satisfied with her new car, She Loves her new focus and can't believe the great service she got at friendly ford! Larry has been my salesman for years and I like that I can ALWAYS count on him.