My Milestone (And First)

I went through a messy divorce and lost everything. Just had to get out so I took my kids, and off we went to a better life. It has been hard, and a long haul. But 3 years later, I see real signs of getting back on our feet!! I had a beater with a heater (lost the good vehicle to the divorce... he was a money man, I was a stay home momma). And this week I was finally able to finance a Focus! One of my favorite vehicles!! This and the Fusion are great cars and SO beautiful!! I didn't care which I got, I love em both (but have been a Focus fan for a long time). And for me this is a milestone. My first great car with only my name on it! Dependable, cute, efficient, and will someday soon be mine!! I am so ahppy and Love my Ford Family!! 
Ford Social 08/06/2014
Hi Paige - Congratulations on your new Focus! Thank you for sharing your story. We wish you many more happy milestones in the future! - Social.Ford