My Life Changing Event

My first car was a 2000 ford focus. I received this car my sophomore year in high school when I just had gotten my drivers license. I put 287,000 miles on my first ford focus. I started working at Jim Snead Ford in Waynesboro Virginia while i was 16, part time. I am a ford nut and grew up loving the vehicles. As a technician at ford, throughout the 4 years I worked there I saw the newer focuses out on the lot and only wished to own one. In late February I moved on to the Toyota dealership down the street because of how busy they were with service work. In early march I went to Harrisonburg Ford in Harrisonburg Virginia and bought a brand new 2010 ford focus SES in blue flame metallic. My coworkers at Toyota were very apparent of my loyalty to ford, i received many good comments on my new car. Just one week after buying my new car, I was heading home from work and cruising in my focus. I had my sirius radio blasting and both front windows down. I drove through one intersection that had a green light, before i could act a 97 Dodge ram 1500 had blown a stop sign and struck my vehicle at 55 mph on the side. My car was spun 180 degrees into a curb, my curtain airbags and seat airbag deployed instantly. My Sync automatically dialed 911 for me. After everything was over the only scratch i had was on my shoulder from the seatbelt that held me in the car. The ford Focus is a very underestimated car. It kept me safe and secured as a 5,000 pound truck struck me at 55 mph. I like to thank Ford Motor Company and the engineers who build such reliable and safe car.

Andrew Garasimowicz