My Focus Saved My Life!

I purchased my Certified Pre-owned Focus on May 14, 2014.  My father had convinced me to buy a Ford because of the safety and reliability of the brand.  He has been a Ford owner for several years.  After selecting my Focus, I was very happy - it was everything that I was looking for.  On June 25, I took my Focus in for an inspection on the suspension, as it felt like something wasn't quite right.  The dealership scheduled an appointment for me the next day.  On the morning of June 26, on my way to the dealership, the steering and brakes locked up on my car.  I did not know what was happening until I heard the crash.  I hit a guard rail, head-on, going about 45mph.  The airbag went off, and Sync called 911 for me.  Post-Crash Alert made the car flashers come on and the horn was honking.  My father was in the car in front of me, and he saw everything in his rear-view mirror.  He said when he saw the impact that he thought for sure that I was gone.  He turned his car (a 2008 Ford Fusion SE V6) around, stopped and ran to my car.  He opened my passenger door to find me sitting there, stunned.  I was scared, and my driver door wouldn't open (because the fender had come back just enough to pinch it).  I opened my driver window and climbed out of the car.  My back and neck were a little sore, but that was it.  I was amazed to find that the Focus had done everything exactly as it should have.  The crumple zones prevented anything from going near the passenger compartment of the car, and if you cover the front end of the car, it still looks in perfect shape (except for the airbag, of course). I am completely thankful to Ford because the Focus was as safe as it was.  Everyone that I tell this story to are shocked that, being in a Focus, I wasn't seriously injured or even killed.  Even people at the dealership were shocked.  I have replaced my Focus with a 2014 Ford Fiesta, and my father traded in his Fusion for a new Ford Focus Titanium on the same day of the accident because he saw first-hand how well the Focus held up in a crash.  Thank you again, Ford, for saving my life.  You will have my business as long as I am driving!