My Focus Saved My Life

In January of 2012 I purchased a brand new Ford Focus 2012 From Roundtree Ford in Bossier, LA where the salesman, Jimmy Huggins, (who also is my brother) went on and on about the safety features of the Focus as my goal was to let my daughter who is starting her senior year take it to college but I would be driving it first to/from work.
Well on May 9th, 2012 my world permanently changed in a way i NEVER IMAGINED...But I am lucky to be telling you this story. I was coming home from work late I have a problem with my blood pressure well in a nutshell it dropped so low I blacked out while driving 1145pm at night and lost control of my car. I crashed head on into a concrete sign that ended up falling on my car trapping me into the car. Now I had lost consciousness and it took over 2 hours for the jaws of life to get me out of the car which by then I have regained consciouness.. I was in the hospital on 2-3 days with seat belt trauma and back injury but other than that I was LUCKY I SUR VIVED. And if the sign had not been on the car they could of easily gotten me out through the door. Every safety feature my brother told me about came into play and I truly believe if I had been in another car I would not be here today. I tell everyone that the Ford Focus is the safest car and my brother has even been able to tell potential customers that this car saved his sister. As we are very close.... my goal is to buy another Ford Focus but even though my car is completely paid off because he was wise enough to have me purchase GAP Insurance, and all other times I have turned it down. This is the car that needs to go to college with my daughter. I am recovering from back surgery and can no longer work as a nurse due too the back injury.....But I am lucky to be here and hopefully soon will be a proud owner of a new Focus. Thanks Ann..
Brad B 08/07/2012
Hey Ford ! How about a Fusion story? Yesterday 8/6/12 I was going across town on errands and my car (also a Fusion) was behind a 2012 Fusion SEL waiting on a red light. You guessed it, a pickup ran the red light and crashed at about 35 mph into the drivers side right in the middle. All the air bags deployed and saved the driver from being hurt very badly. Aside from being badly bruised and shaken up the driver came thru this in one piece. The Fusion's safet