My Drive

By Erik K.

I bought the focus on the premise that I was going to return home to Ohio in the future and I wanted a car that would get the gas mileage, and the fun of a stick shift, So I went to the ford dealer in Houston Texas Helfman Ford and bought the car from Craig Holder (a friend) I got a good experience at the dealer, Lets fast forward to Feb 11th 2014, I left Katy Texas and I saw my gas mileage climb and soon I was close to 430 to 450 miles out of a tank of Gas this resulted in 42 mpg. This was achieved in normal driving situations, and I had a radio and heater going I did not do anything out of the ordinary except use my cruise control I had someone say well my Chevy spark got that (the Chevrolet spark is a smaller car than the focus and underpowered) well my point to them is this you can have power and gas mileage still the car in the city is averaging 33 miles per gallon and I have the pictures of the dash to prove it. My last thing to say is that when Ford Makes a Claim about gas mileage it is the truth and not an inflated number and keep in mind the 42 mpg was highway miles, and when in Houston I got 33 to 34 mpg going back and forth to work city driving.