My Dream

I was born in May of 1964 so I believe that the Mustang and I have had a special bond right from the beginning. When people ask me what year I was born, I tell them that I am a 64 1/2! I have always wanted to own my very own Mustang but alas, it just wasn't in the stars for me. So in 2007, I bought a brand new Focus with the intentions of someday tradiing it up for a Mustang. I drove the Focus for a year and took better care of this car than any car I have ever owned. I kept the mileage down to a bare minimum and NO ONE was allowed to eat in my car. Everytime I would take it to the dealership for an oil change, I would ask them if they could put it up on the lift as a Focus and make it come back down as a Mustang. I'm sure they tried really hard to make this happen because everyone at the dealership knew exactly what I was really wanting. After one year, I took my special little Focus back down to the dealership and they gave me back what I paid for it because it was still like brand new. I was able to finally get the car of my dreams because of my wonderful little Focus. I now drive a Candy Apple Red 2008 Mustang GT. My car is absolutely gorgeous and I feel proud to drive a Ford everytime I am in it. I see my little Focus around town from time to time and I think it is even smiling at me and my Mustang when it sees us. Ford ROCKS!!
Saqib Sheraz 12/04/2010
Chris 05/14/2010
challengers are garbage. ford mustangs will always be the best! sorry if the challengers aren't making much to the wheels like any mustang.
Euromaniac 05/10/2010
To bad the Challenger is better!!!
purnima rakholia 05/07/2010
Keep your dreams...they come true!!!
Saqib Sheraz 05/05/2010
actually me really like this car, but waiting for my dream come true and let me save money for this.....
have a nice dream
Susan Bloomer 05/03/2010
Dreams do come true. I have owned my Mustang convertible since 1974, in fact I am its first and only owner. I still dream of purchasing a new Mustang I think they are so cute and they make a stirring in the blood as no other car can do. My Mustang has never let me down. It is in semi-retirement now but man the miles we have gone together! I can still here echos of the 70's music when I sit in the drivers seat1
Cecilia 05/02/2010
Hi there! I had a similar dream...I just wanted my mechanic to make my red conv. chrysler sebring come out 0000miles, but no luck so far. I love my car and only would trade it in for a older model or a MUSTANG. That car is my next dream. Good luck. Keep your dreams...they come true!!!