My Dream Car

About a month and a half ago, I just bought a 2014 Focus ST, fully loaded and I must say wow!, I'm impressed. The performance of the car is amazing for what it is. The interior is very nice, with the Recaro racing seats and the whole dash assembly itself. I had a car with aftermarket suspension (shocks and coil overs) but I know this Focus would handle a lot better around corners. I wish the Focus RS would come to America, but this ST was no regret to purchase. I'm not complaining one bit about the performance of this car, but I think Ford could have put a little bigger turbo on it. but hey, what's made is made! Cobb Stage3 kit is going on it after warranty goes. Love it love it. Good job Ford, with the ST. It's a very photogenic car, but now its time for the RS to come to America!