My Crash 8/10/2012

I was the victim of another drivers road rage that ended with both of us spinning down the Interstate and me hitting the guard rail at around 60 mph. My Focus did its job beautifully and took the full force of the impact and broke apart and crushed. The airbags in the steering wheel, side curtain airbags, and the airbag in the side of the seat on the driverside all deployed exactly as they should. I had my windows down and the only thing besides the seatbelt that kept me in the car was the airbags. I had to kick the door open but walked away from the accident with only minor bruises and aches. I work for Chrysler but I am now an advocate for the safety and quality of Fords vehicles. Thank you for not cutting corners and building a very safe quality car it saved me as the police were surprised to see me walking around after the crash.