My Car, My Friend

By Eve M.

Dear Ford,

On January 28, 2014, I had to give up my car, my friend.  I am trying to convince myself that it was time.  It's almost crazy - to think about having a relationship with a car - and I didn't realize it until that day.  That day, I had to bring my car back home, to the Ford dealership.  I miss my car.  I really, really miss it.  

Yes, after all these years and over 200,000 miles (254,939 miles to be exact), the car had some rough edges to it.  However, not once did it let me down. On 3 degree days, (+ or -) it started up without a problem - shown in photo.

I was told by a mechanic some time ago that this type of car was made to be disposable.  I didn't quite grasp that concept but kept up on the oil changes, routine maintence and fixer uppers when needed.

This car had been with me since my divorce, 4 moves, school, 3 jobs, raising my kids, road trips, good times and bad times.  But to me, it was just a car.  It was always there and always reliable - it did not disappointment me and I didn't think of it much.

Over the years, people told me that I needed or should have a new car because I deserved it.  I was very happy with my car.  We were a great fit together!  Why would I give it up?

The time did come that I had to let go.  It wasn't exciting to get another Ford Focus - I wanted my friend.  I don't know what happens to older cars that are traded in.  Deep in my crazy mind and heart, I hope that my car, my friend gets the respect and honor that it deserves.  It served me well since 2003.  Unfortunately, I am now only beginning to understand how lucky I was to have a car that long and how good it was to me.

I am adjusting to the car I just purchased.  It is nice, but I do have to say, it has a lot to live up to.  

I still miss my car very much. Please be good to my car and take care of it as it deserves. Thank you, Ford. 
Reenie 02/06/2014
Com'on  Ford, you should at least give evem an oil change!  Great story!