Memory For Life

Dear Ford, I am taking the time to write this letter today because I feel it needs to be said. If it wasn't for your company producing your vehicles with such care I wouldn't be here alive, let alone in healthy condition I am in now. My car was a Ford Focus ZTS year model 2000. Anyways, On Thanksgiving this year I was on my way to my parents for thanksgiving dinner, on a perfectly clear road until I hit a patch of black ice over a bridge. I lost control of the vehicle as well as consciousness once the car impacted against the bridge. After regaining consciousness my instincts kicked in after smelling the smoke in the vehicle. Once outside of the car, I soon realized that my passenger and I should have ended up in the river below or gone through the windshield, but we didn't. In fact due to the fact that our seat belts worked properly and the air bags went off as intended, my passenger and me walked away from a totaled car unharmed, just bruised up. So even though I'm without a vehicle, I just wanted to take this time to say thank you Ford for making my driving experience one to remember. As for a new car, I hope that my next vehicle is able to be a ford model and I intend to recommend this company to anybody seeking a new car.