Love For The Ford Focus

In 2003 I purchased my first SVT product... a 2003 Ford Focus ZX3 in CD Silver with blue seat inserts. It was a no sunroof car and the total produced in the color combo was roughly 100 vehicles. This was the second Ford Focus in our family (1st was an 01 Zetec ZX3). Since then I've owned a 2005 Sonic Blue ZX3 that I drove for over 5 years and put 133k miles on the odometer. I just bought a 2007 Ford Focus ZX4 with the Street Appearance Package and just 28k miles on the odometer. Needless to say, I enjoy this little car immensely.

A day after I bought my used 2007 I began seeing pictures of the 2012 Focus ST on the internet. It sure looks like I'll be buying at least one more Ford Focus! It's been a great little car with all the right attributes for a daily driver. It's a blast to drive, cheap to modify and reliable.

Thank you for the SVT Focus and thank you for continuing to build such a great little car. I look forward to my next Focus!