Long Live Ford

By Alan S.

I bought my Focus in 2004 knowing that I would be driving it alot because of my job. I have lived in Southern California (LA area) and in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area and have a little over 30,000 miles a year on it. Last I looked was 224756 and still going very strong. The car has only needed normal wear and tear parts like brakes, rotors and one axle. I change out the oil every 7500 miles, buy cheap tires and the cheapest gas I can find and my car runs amazing. I always said that I was going to drive it till the wheels fall off.
Well ,I'm still waiting.
R Jones 08/29/2012
My husband loves his little 2001 Focus(still only has 99,000 miles) but hates my Taurus. Go figure!

I also have a 2007 Focus hatchback that I love for shorter trips. I do alot of driving.