Little Things Mean A Lot

It had been only 3 weeks since I purchased my beautiful new 2013 Ford Focus SE. I purchased it because 5 years ago my daughter was involved in a horrible accident in her new Ford Focus, 2005. She walked away from the accident unharmed.

On a Friday night I was hit head on by a larger vehicle. I didn't see it coming and neither did my two small children. My Focus was totalled. I hadn't made my first payment, I hadn't even taken it to the car wash. But, true to form, my children and I walked away from the accident unharmed. And for that I will be forever thankful.

In a few months, once all the dust settles I will go shopping for another new car. My first stop will be my local Ford dealer.
JOHNNY N 02/11/2014
focus is a good car just the other day i hit black ice and my set up is the worse for any type of snow and ice. tita sport pkg but lucky i was able 2 drop gears for alittle track and spin it side ways for a light bounce and not a front end collision into the rail. just wish ford would re do the abs and stablity controls since the car locks up bad when it sliding. 
Joe 05/28/2013
3 years ago I slipped on some ice on the highway and hit the guard rail head on. My 2002 Focus ZX3 was totaled and my spirits were crushed, but I was able to walk away with 1 little scratch on my thumb. It's a nice reminder to always be cautious of icy roads. Glad to see you and your children were able to walk away unharmed!
Lauren 05/08/2013
I have a focus too. Thanks for sharing! Makes me feel safer on the road. FF4L (Ford Focus 4 Life) HAHA!