Like Grandparents, Like Parents, Like Son.

For as long as I can remember, there has always been a Ford Motor Company product in my family. From my Grandmother's 1993 Ford Taurus GL sedan (still running and she still owns it with only 73,000 miles), to my parents (Dad had a '93 Econoline, mom had a '95 Taurus GL wagon), to myself, finally. This past summer I recieved my first car I could call my own: a 2005 Ford Focus SE sedan - Toreador Red, with grey interior. It felt right for me to have a red Ford, seeing as my grandmother's Taurus is red, my mother's Taurus was red, and now my car is red. It is becoming a family tradition, I believe that each generation should own at least one Ford product, and I intend to keep it going after I am out of college. I am already planning on buying either a Focus or Fiesta once I've graduated and gotten a job, and will make sure that my kid (when that time comes) learns to drive in a car as great as my Focus. It's been great over the past 5 months, and I look forward to many more years of service from it.