I Walked Away

I've always wondered how a small car like mine would fair if I was ever in an accident, unfortunately, I found out. Thank goodness I was in the car I was. On Aug. 11th 2012, I was hit head-on by a drunk driver. He was driving a 2012 Ram truck. I was driving my 2000 Ford Focus. My car was totaled, but I walked away from the accident. I bought my car brand-new in 2001 and always loved it. I owned it for almost 12 years and never once thought of trading it in. I'm glad I didn't. I thank God and the Ford Motor Company for making it out with no major injuries. I will definitely buy Ford again.
Ashley F 10/04/2012
They are resilient stubborn cars when they want to be, but being in a wreck in one is amazing in a way that they support you better in a wreck then any other vehicle I've ever driven. I got rear ended today and it tore the other vehicle up, and I barely got a couple of scratches on my bumper.