I Should Not Be Alive

I hit a patch of ice and slid off a 2 lane rd into a 4 foot ditch. My Focus rolled & ended on the passenger side in the snow. I crawled out my driver side window which was on the top of my car. Every window in my car except the driver's was broken, and every side of my car was dented and scraped at minimum.

The sub-frame was broken, my left strut and wheel switched places, the interior separated from the frame, belongings inside my car ended up underneath my car, various part from my engine were scattered 10 ft behind my car. Part of my engine was pushed up inside my car.

With all the damage done to my car, It's amazing I am not dead. I made it out with only a small burn from the air bag and bruises from the seat belt!

I loved my 2007 base model Focus (purchased new for $8,500). This car was affordable, got great gas mileage (37mpg), and most of all kept me completely safe in what could have been a fatal accident.

Thanks Ford!
Bailey C 03/28/2012
thats a frod for ya