I Just Can't Trade Her In

By Edel S.

My Focus is 11 years old. She's got 205,000miles on the clock and other than the 2 new timing belts and a new rad (stone chip burst the original one) still has all her original parts and is running perfectly. I know in the US 200k miles probably isn't much but believe me for a car like this in Ireland on our bad roads this is some achievement.

Her interior layout is perfect for me too. I have a slight disability (missing my right arm) and wear an artificial limb. There are no adaptions to my car as everything is already in the right place. Even the steering wheel finish suits my artificial limb .

She's bearing the scars of 11 years driving on deplorable roads but still going strong. Anyway just wanted to say she's a great car and I'd be lost without her. Cheers....
Jesse Gonzalez 02/22/2011
I completely understand. My baby has 150K on it and she runs great, I added a few mods from Ford Racing and a satellite radio. But I don't think I can trade her in for the 2012 model.