I Always Had A Ford.

By Jodi S.

As long as I can remember my family always had fords, from cars to trucks, even I had a mustang too. When it came to a family get together, all you could see was fords. Now that I am grown up and see that I owned my own fair share of fords.
But now I own my first brand new car, and yes I went with the ford company. i got me a 2011 ford focus. Even though I never driven a focus before, when I test drove it, I feel in love with the car. I am so proud that I have a new for the first time, ford makes it better.
I just had my car over a month now, and love the sync program, to be hands free is so cool. To have everything at me finger tip, so I can play more attention to th road help so much. I believe in headset or hands free while on the cell, while driving so you can pay attention.
I will suggest a ford to anyone who wants a good car or truck. It a good company and never stop good things about them. And as long as I live, it will own a ford, and hope to someday all my kids own a ford too.