Hunting At 178,000 Miles And Still A Champ

Aside from my normal 110 mile daily commute along the Colorado Front Range with my Focus I found myself on my hunting trip without a truck. I decided that my Focus could handle the task so I loaded up with a friend who wanted to see what hunting is all about and we were on our way. Elevation was 8500 feet and my Focus handled the steep hills, dirt roads, 12 degree average temp with occasional snow like a champ. Then I spotted a Buck and took my shot. After I got my deer I started to think about how I am going to fit that animal in my car. Well The mighty Focus could hold my whole deer in one piece in the trunk with the lid closed and down the mountain I went. The Focus handled itself perfect even loaded with hunting gear and a deer. I can honelsly say that if I can't get a truck by next season I will still be able to use my Focus again.
Jared B 01/25/2013
Great story! What year Focus? Does it have 178,000 miles on it?