How We Are A True Ford Family

By Bill W.

hello ford i am sure pepole do send thing to you all the time telling how much they love there car.but here you go i am going to tell you i have bought 6 focus since 2012. so here you go my sons girl friend bought a 2012 focus then she brought it home a week later my son got his .so a few weeks later i got mine .in jan of 2013 i took my back to ford and traded up for a 2013 .then my other son got him a 2013 focus. so in late nov of 2013 my son went back to ford and up graded his 2012 to a 2014 hatch back focus .yes that makes 6 of them but let me tell you we love them we have very little trob with them .there are by far one of the best cars i have own.yes ford says it will get 40 mph. one day on the way home from work i wanted to see for my self i rest my mph gage and by the time i got home it said 52,9 mph. so i dont here any other cars pepole saying this  i would like to say thank you ford for making souch a great car like the focus.have a good day the true ford family.