Half Million Mile Ford Focus

My dedicated Ford Focus named Hidalgo for his ability to get me to and from my work like loyal friend has outperformed every car on the road! I am a touring musican from Canada to North Carolina and New England to The Great Lakes. Hidalgo has seen it all and I still get almost 40 mpg. 
      The trick has been to keep the oil changed, timing belt and service the car whenever it complains.
      This car is a testament to Ford Quality. In all kinds of weather and driving conditions I always felt in control and safe on whatever road we traveled.
     I still have the original clutch and exhaust system as well.
There is a facebook page dedicated to the Hidalgo's travels and milage accumulation. Please like it!

Cuyler T 08/23/2014
For my car I use Mobil 1 Extended Performance. I bought it brand new with only 24 miles on it, now it has 172,000. I change the oil and filter about every 5,000 miles.
Ken R 07/26/2014
1) Original owner? If not, how many miles when you got it?

2) What motor oil?  Mobil 1 5W20?

3) What oil change intervals?
Donal O 07/15/2014
It's a 2001 but I bought it April 2002. Good luck with your ride.
Cuyler T 07/13/2014
That's awesome!!! What year is your Focus? I have a 2008 Focus, I hope it lasts at least to 500k miles. I love my car and it runs great.