I was on my way to work and at a very long light, which turned yellow, I gunned it to go through the intersection. I did not see the truck. I traded in a Honda for my Ford Focus which I love. This wagon was THE BEST. Good mileage as I drive 37 miles to work and big big cargo space; always had enough room for 4 dogs. Now it's gone, but it saved my life. No interference into either the drive or passenger compartments. And my insurance company had raised my rate because of safety issues with the Focus. Well I don't know what they were talking about as I am totally deeply bruised by safety belts and airbag, but nothing broken, nothing punctured. I am totally grateful to Ford. I've always loved my Fords: 66 Mustang, Fairlane, PInto, Escort and Ford Focus. Thank you Ford for my life.
The photo is from The Signal newspaper in Santa Clarita, CA.
Travis Kasper 05/28/2010
I would like to thak Ford for my life as well as my mothers. I was driving home from dinner in the mountains with my grandparents a few days before Christmas. I was not familiar with the roads nor mountain driving. After a long stretch of straight road there was a sharp turn. There were no signs warning of the upcoming turn and there were no gaurd rails. By the time I saw the turn it was too late and could not stop. With my mom in the passanger seat we went flying off the side of the mountain. We flew almost 200 feet over the edge before we made our first impact and my Focus fliped and rolled 5 times before it came to a stop. My mother and I escaped with minor scapes and bruises. My car looked like a ball of metal but we were ok. Thank you Ford...