Forever Running

I have a 2007 2 door Focus hatchback that has 322,000 miles with a 2.0 5 speed that still runes like a dream and still gets around 35 mpg. I drive this car 1,100 miles per week to work and back. I have one more year to work and hope this car will continue to run this good. I should have about 420,000 by the time I retire then Im going to give it to my grand daughter. I have never had to put brakes on it yet and I have them checked every month when the oil is changed. I just did have to put a new battery and alternator in it. We are going to change the oil pan next month because we have worn ot the plug threads from changing the oil so much and are running an oversize plug. Also I just changed the plugs at 300,000 and I was still getting pretty good gas mileage. As you can see this car preforms quite well with very little work. This is also my second Focus,I hit a Big 12 point buck with my first one at 75mph. The car was totaled but I didn't even get a scratch.I was impressed how well this car took the impact. My newest purchase is a 5.0 Mustang GT with a few added Rousch goodies for my retirement crusing. I will always be a Ford person.