Ford Safety Engineering Saved My Life

Two days after the presidential election in November 2008 I was driving home from work at about 7:45 in the evening. I was traveling 40 miles an hour on a two-lane country road when two deer (I think one was chasing the other) ran in front of my car with no warning. I was driving my 2007 Ford focus at the time. I hit at least one of the de
ear and lost control of the car. The car rolled over several times taking out a telephone pole in the process. The belt worked. The airbag deployed. The car came to rest on the passenger side of the vehicle. I was unhurt, able to turn off the ignition and answer a good Samaritan citizen who approached the vehicle with his cell phone out. I could not get out of the car and asked him to get a tire iron in case there was a fire and he had to start breaking windows.

The fire department was called and responded within moments. They had to cut me out of the car by removing the windshield. They placed me on a back board and rushed me by ambulance to St. Mary's Hospital about 10 miles away.

I was examined in the emergency room. I had extensive x-rays, physical examination. But the bottom line is this: I was released after several hours. My total injurieswere a slight cut on my right hand.

The photographs of my car are incredible. I shall try to attach them to this letter. They show the energy of the crash was evenly distributed around the outside of the cage of the car.

The accident occurred about a week before Mr. Mullally had to travel to Washington to testify before what turned out to be a fairly hostile Congress. I sent him a letter about the accident along with some pictures but I never did hear back from him. I have no idea if it reached him in time.

The bottom line is simple. What happened to me was an accident. PUre and simple. The deer were doing what comes naturally to them in November in Michigan. I had no warning. Thank God there was no oncoming traffic, no other vehicles on the road. The safety features worked. Between the seatbelt and the bag I felt as though some higher being head his hand around me and was protecting me.

Needless to say the car was totaled. I went to varsity Ford in Ann Arbor where I have shopped for years. I bought a 2009 Ford fusion. It too is a superb car. Ironically, in March of this year I hit another dear. There are quite a bit of deer were I live and this one simply jumped across the road and hit the front of my car. The damage was much less. I never lost control and I was able to come to a complete stop.

Suffice it to say I have been a Ford customer for years and I will continue to be the rest of my life as long as Ford continues building the kind of quality vehicles that saved my life.
robert Dahlquist 12/17/2010
thank you ford your enginering saved my life I hit black ice on the road with my 1995 ford contour and hit a tree at 40mph after going down a water drainage ditch the air baga and seatbelts did there job and all i had was a bruse from the seatbelt.